Things to keep in Mind When Buying an Automatic Gate

Nowadays, there is range of driveway gate options available in the market, however, people are now moving away from the traditional manual swing gate. Most homeowners want a modern addition to their households and thus, they prefer to buy an electric gate. The Electric gate is the future; it offers multi-code programs that not only provide you with security and privacy, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house. These gates are very convenient to use and provide an easy access to your premises. But before you head to the market to get an automatic gate, you should take into account the following factors:

1- Can your manual gate be upgraded?

You do not have to buy a new electric gate, and you can save money by upgrading your old manual gate. In order to do so, you need to check the material used in your old gate, whether its posts and piers are in working condition, check the slope level of your driveway and also the distance of the gate from the main road. If you are interested in upgrading your manual gate to an electric gate, you can contact Gate Repair Bothell in Bothell, and we will provide you with timely assistance and a superior level of service.

2- Which is the ideal remote system?

Another important consideration is the type of remote system you want to get installed with your gate. If you want to take an expert opinion, then most of the experts agree that handheld remote systems are more efficient. You can operate them from a distance of twenty to thirty meters. As the remote system employs radio frequency to function, there are various factors that determine its actual range for instance:

According to experts, most handheld gate remote clickers can work from twenty to thirty meters away, and most remote controls work on a radio frequency, although their actual range will depend on a lot of factors, for instance, in extreme weather conditions or when the battery is about to die you may feel that you cannot operate the remote for your automated gate from the distance mentioned in the catalogue. You can even get customized features in your remote control such as allowing access to other users.

3- What type of warranty is offered?

When buying an electric gate it is important to see what guaranties or warranties are offered by various manufacturers. As buying and installing an automatic gate is more costly compared to a manual gate, it is always a good idea to buy it from a manufacturer who gives a guarantee about the robustness and durability of the gate.

If installed by Gate Repair Bothell, you can be sure that the gate will provide maximum convenience to you and your loved ones for a long period of time. It is also recommended that you buy an electric gate from a reliable manufacturer, and get it installed by a trained professional like us. If your gate needs repair, consult us and we will send our highly trained and experienced technicians to you, so you can get your gate fixed at an affordable price. Gate Reair Bothell is the place to go for any installation queries and needs.