All about Gate Openers

Gate openers are devices that are needed to open or close gates. They are often installed near the gate or at the end of a driveway gate and are mainly categorized into two types, mechanical and hydraulic. These two categories can be further divided into the sub-categories of worm gate openers, underground openers and arm gate openers. Swing gates and sliding gates use automatic and electric gate openers. They are designed especially for these two kinds of gates.

Hydraulic gate openers are used specifically for electric driveway gates. Hydraulic fluids are used in these devises to operate them and they consist of fewer moving fixtures than their mechanical counterparts. Installing a hydraulic gate does have its advantages over other types. The hydraulic motor has the capacity to produce more power and can support heavy and large driveway gates. Since the technology used in hydraulic motors is more complicated, they can thus be a little harder to handle by users and are considered less secure.

Mechanical gates have four kinds of operators that are made for both sliding gates and swinging gates. They can be opened with the help of a wireless instrument or a manual method. For operation with a high voltage of power, automatic gate operators can utilize solar panels.

Swing gates use three kinds of operators which include swing arm operators. A swing arm operator is a small box which has an arm-like extension towards the main driveway gate. Underground operators are also connected to the gate with an arm-like object and can be installed by using the professional services of Gate Repair Bothell at 425-3188651. They will arrive at your doorstep to install these devices and will handle all related work. All you need to do is watch!

Even though gate operators come with easy to install instructions, it is not an easy job for the home owners. Gate repair Bothell makes sure the right kind of gate operators are installed securely, guaranteeing you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Overhead gate operators are mostly installed in basement car parking, where the space is not much and the load of the gate is heavy. The gates are lifted overhead, very similar to garage doors in houses.

Slide gate operators are another kind, which are installed at the end of the driveway gates. The gates have to be in a closed position but can also be in an open position when they are being installed. In Europe, they have devised a method of attaching a gear with the operator. This makes the opening and closing of gate quieter and safer to handle. The methods that Americans use, make the operators move more, and allow more movement and flexibility in the gate.

Barrier gate operators are often installed in traffic control spaces, in parking garages and in toll booths mostly. Barrier gates are automated gates that consist of gate arms fixed at the end of the car park. Motor assembly and housing is also installed with it.

Since gate operators are of so many types, choosing and installing the right one is crucial for the proper functioning of the gate. It is recommended that research be done before choosing the gate operator to be installed. Contact Gate Repair Bothell and make use of their free advisory service anytime. They are just a call away!